We don’t just read books on paper or on an electronic device any more; it’s increasingly common to enjoy listening to someone reading them. As is the case with editions on paper, audio-visual projects also require meticulous quality control. This revision is a crucial step prior to the publication of an audio-visual text or material.

Well aware of the importance of the process, Editec takes great pains to check thoroughly to avoid mistakes with respect to the original. Thanks to this control process we guarantee a result that meets the specific needs of each project.


WORK: The Voices of Your Stories

CLIENT: Penguin Random House Audio

A story is even better when it is well told. Our team makes a thorough check to ensure that the audiobooks faithfully reflect the plots, the characters and the ideas of the original texts. We cover every single detail of the original work.

We also offer translation, correction, reading, mixing and mastering services.