Our history is linked to that of partworks. We have produced all kinds of collections for sale in newsagents: collectible instalments, video courses, popular science books, literature, philosophy, licensed and unlicensed products for children… We can adapt to the specificities and the timing of each collection. We are flexible and we put together teams of experts for every kind of content.


WORK: Mujeres poderosas

CLIENT: RBA Coleccionables

Based on a prototype and a list of queens and powerful women, the client commissioned us to produce sixty 168-page biographies. They had to be reliable and exciting accounts that, through the use of literary resources, presented readers with pleasant and enjoyable books that could be read as novels.

We delivered a book a week for 60 weeks.

We formed a team of more than 30 authors and consultants.

We coordinated a team of researchers and illustrators to do the covers.

Editorial coordination

Editing and correction

Illustration and research for the covers