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WORK: La bona cuina de Massó: plats i tapes amb un toc de mar

CLIENT: Conserves Massó

For the creation of this list of recipes, a cookery book designed to promote Massó canned fish and seafood, we worked with the TV chef Isma Prados and with Becky Lawton, a photographer specializing in gastronomic images. We obtained striking, original and varied recipes, all of them with the taste of the sea of Conserves Massó..

A recipe book that masterfully combines traditional Catalan gastronomy with some new dishes prepared by Isma Prados for the occasion. With the publication of the book, Massó’s brand image was reinforced and at the same time it managed to turn potential buyers into loyal customers, convinced of the quality offered by the canning company.

Publishing project

Graphic design and layout

Cooking and styling of the recipes


Edition and coordination